Michel S. Lowrance
Technical Artist

About Me

My name is Michel Lowrance, and I am a Technical Artist. I have held this position with various studios over the years to help produce numerous game titles.

Some of these notable studios included FASA Studio, Aces Studio at Microsoft Games Studios, and Hiddenpath Entertainment.  These studios released game titles such as the MechWarrior Series, Flight Sim series, and Defense Grid: The Awakening from Hiddenpath.

I have also had the pleasure to work with a Team at Microsoft Research developing
Avatar Kinect.

At these studios, I worked with the Animation, Game Design, and Code teams to facilitate the pipeline process of source content to in-game assets of character, weapons, environment models and their associated animations, worked on particle effects, and worked directly within the code bases of various products to add new features as well as troubleshoot and fix issues.

This involved learning Maya, 3DMax, Mel Script, Max Script, Lua, C++, Flash, and use of in-house tools. Within a short time of starting in these position, not only did I learn these tools, but assumed ownership of these assets. I became a core troubleshooter for resolving issues, design changes, and development of the tools used by the animation and design teams.
At Aces Studio, I fulfilled much the same role, but with the added responsibility of laying the ground work for the content directory structure and animations tools needed to add characters to an environment that was entirely vehicle-based (Flight Sim Engine) for Train Sim II which was not released, but some of that work was made part of ESP, a developer platform.
The Technical Artist position seems to fall very closely in line with my work experience and I feel that I make be a good fit for this position, and bring a wealth of previous experience and knowledge in this area to any team.

Thank you for your consideration,



"Michel is that rare breed of technical artist with programming skills who is not afraid to understand and work with the full asset pipeline. I worked with Michel on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Age of Empires HD and found him to be enthusiastic and highly competent." Sept, 2013
Peter Freese, Lead Programmer, HIdden Path Entertainment

"A super self-starter, Michel seeks what the artists need to be more productive - creating the tools and systems that are needed, and even documenting processes and setting standards for the group.  He is able to fluidly multi-task, and handled the technical art and pipeline needs for all of our products simultaneously. He is friendly and easy to work with too- someone who gets a lot done and keeps the machine humming. A total asset to any visual arts group – I’d happily work with Michel again anytime and recommend him." Aug, 2013
Mark Terrano, Chief Creative Officer & Founder, HIdden Path Entertainment

"Michel was a huge asset to all the teams at Hidden Path. Michel would constantly be helping various teams throughout the day fixing problems for them and improving their workflow. He's a great go between for art and engineering.  I have been very impressed at how quickly he learns new systems and jumps in and fixes things even in formerly unfamiliar territory.  He maintains a great attitude regardless of what happens on a project and has a listening ear that helps him work very well with others.  I would love to work with him again some day." Aug, 2013
Mike Smith, Senior Graphics Engineer, Hidden Path Entertainment

"Michel is an awesome technical artist. With him on board, our issues with using obscure features of content creation packages vanished. He works well with artists and programmers, and is constantly learning about the tools we use and how to improve them and use them effectively.  He's extremely proactive, and constantly looks for ways to improve process behind the scenes with no drama. I highly recommend him." Aug, 2013
Michael Austin, CTO, Hidden Path Entertainment

"I worked with Michel at a previous studio years ago, so when he was looking around after a stint at Microsoft Research I jumped at the chance to bring him onto our team. Beyond just being an excellent technical artist, Michel has an amazing knack for troubleshooting and even reverse engineering previously abandoned tools and pipelines in various states of disrepair for which no documentation exists and bring them back to life with custom created upgrades and improvements that make them run like current generation production systems. His technical abilities and capacity to overcome obstacles and problems in production are nothing short of outstanding. Even with current generation tools and pipelines he is constantly identifying and overcoming potential problems before they become actual problems and writing new applications and scripts to further optimize existing pipelines and reduce error and production time. He is a solid communicator, an excellent team-focused collaborator, very sharp, hard-working, and very personable and professional. He requires little to no direction and generally is just completing his work on a solution about the time others realize there was a problem. He is comfortable coding, scripting or creating content in a wide assortment of tools and I can't think of anyone I have found more effective in the role of technical artist. A++" Dec, 2012
Dave McCoy, Founding Partner, Hidden Path Entertainment

"As a Technical “Jack-Of-All-Trades”, Michel Lowrance remains a key contributor to every game development team that he works for.  On more than four game development projects, including Microsoft Research, I’ve witnessed an independent Michel take on the toughest assignments in Character Rigging/Skinning, Character Scripting, Art Tools Development, Animation Blending, and complex Art File Management, and then succeed and excel at each one.  If you need an individual who can speak Artist, Designer, Technician, and Programmer all-in-one, then you need Michel Lowrance -  the BEST Technical Artist I’ve worked with for 3D character animation development." April, 2011
Duane Molitor, Art Director, Microsoft Research

“Michel is that rare kind of technical mind that combines the needs of the artist with the scripts and tools that he writes. His contribution of scripted libraries, shader tools, and troubleshooting prowess is a multiplier to the rest of the team...a big multiplier. I hope I can work with him again someday.” April 27, 2009
Kevin Burgess, Character Artist, Microsoft Game Studios (ACES)



Hidden Path Entertainment
  • Age of Empire II HD
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Defense Grid 2
  • Windborne
  • Chroma
  • Shadowrun: Returns

Microsoft Research

  • Avatar Kinect

Microsoft Games Studios - ACES Studio

  • Train Sim II
  • ESP 1.0

Microsoft Games Studios - FASA Studio

  • Shadowrun

Virtual World Entertainment - Cockpit Simulator

  • Red Planet
  • Battletech
  • Battletech: Firestorm

Virtual World Entertainment - FASA Interactive

  • MechCommander
  • MechCommander Gold